I plan to be somewhat minimalist, after all I have been either car camping or hotel-ling is for some time now.

My Transportation

Bike and Modifications:

DL650K8 – Wee Strom

Tires – Anakee 2 front and back (I will install just before I leave)

Skid/engine protection plate – H&B

Engine Guard – H&B

Handle bar risers – Roc shok

Seat – Sargent

Folding highway pegs

Electrical – Fuse block – Eastern Beaver PC8

– 2 power outlets (generic, marine grade)

– heated grips (generic, from a snowmobile)

– volt meter

– air thermostat and ice indicator (degree C)

Suspension –  Rear – DL1000 shock/springs

– Front – Sonic 1.0 (have to get these in yet)

Gearing – 16 tooth sprocket

GPS – Garmin ETrax Legend C (my old hiking GPS)

-Ram handle bar mount

SPOT – location and tracking device (to let the wife know where I am)

Luggage – Jesse Odyssey (the original)

Tool kit – not what I use in the garage, but what I can get by with when I have to.

Liquids – 1 qt of oil

– 1 gallon of gasoline

– 1 can of chain lube

Items wear :

1- Scorpion 900 transformer helmet

1- Tourmaster air intake 3  jacket

1- Fieldsheer 4 season over pants

1- gortex rain suit “Bass Pro Qualifier”

1- rain over gloves

1- winter Gloves

1- summer Gloves

1- Fleece coat

2- Wicking  shirts (Cabelas)

1-  long sleeve shirt

3- Wicking underwear (Cabelas Silver Tech)

2-  pair socks medium weight

1-  pair socks heavy weight (Bass Pro)

1- pair boots “Danner Ft Lewis”

1- base layer medium weight

1 – pair of jeans

Camping Items:

1- minus 20F sleeping bag long “Cabelas Diamond Peak”

1- sleeping pad “Browning  Northstar”

1 – light blanket

1- 2 person tent w/ground cover “Big Agnes”

1- mesh kit from hiking gear

1-  stove “Jetboil Flash”

1- water filter system “MSR Sweetwater”

1-  bug repellent “Thermocell”

1- towel and wash cloth

1 – 55 L Ascend Dry Bag (Bass Pro)

1 – 40 L Dry Bag (Walmart)

6 – small dry bags (Walmart)

Other Items:

1 – hydration pack

1-  Netbook

1-  guide book (MILEPOST)

1- first aid kit (homemade)

1 – Cell phone

1- Nikon D70 (my old faithful) camera and lenses

1 – passport and copy of passport

1 – motorcycle insurance card and copy of insurance card

1 – medical insurance card and copy of insurance card

1 – drivers license and copy of drivers license

1- toiletry kit –soap, razor, toothbrush, deodorant, comb, etc


2 thoughts on “Equipment

  1. Chuck, I hope you have a great trip and see ya when you get back. You will need to bring some pictures over to Spring Hill.

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