Visiting Alaska has always been on my “Bucket List”.

I turned 50 this year, so it is time to get it off the list.

I plan on a solo motorcycle trip to Alaska.

This will be quit an adventure of an overweight old guy.

The Motorcycle I chose to use is a Suzuki DL650k8 (V-Strom).  I bought the bike about 4 years ago to save on gas while going to and from work.  About 9 months ago my wife gave me to go ahead to plan the trip.  So I started planning and had to add a few things to the V-strom.

The Farkels on the bike are:

  • H & B engine guard
  • H & B skid plate
  • Richland Fork Brace
  • Richland Peg Lowering kit
  • Highway Pegs
  • Sonic Springs (front forks)
  • DL1000 Rear Spring/Shock
  • Eastern Beaver PC8 Fuse Panel
  • Roc Bar Riser
  • Madstad Windshield Bracket
  • Laminer Touring Lip
  • 16 tooth front sprocket
  • Sargent Seat
  • Luggage is Jesse Odyssey 1
  • Eastern Beaver PC8 Fuse Block
  • 2 Power outlets (marine grade)
  • Heated Grips (generic)
  • Voltmeter
  • Air Thermostat with ice indicator

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