Trip Summary (kinda)

End of trip Summary and Notes

June 15- July 13, 2012

I would do it again if I had the chance.  The weather was not perfect, but I could not expect a month of perfect weather.  There are just too many highlights to put them in the summary.  Just read back through the blog.

Paid Camping: 14 Night-, Highest $28, Lowest $5

Motels: 6 Nights- Highest $110 for ½ room, Lowest $43 for ½ a room

Free Camping: 6 nights

Travel On Motorcycle: 10190 Miles,-Unpaved 1989 Miles

Travel On Ferry: 521 Miles

Travel On Foot:  49 Miles

Total Miles Traveled : 10760 Miles

Longest Day: 780 Miles

Shortest Day: 8 Miles

Gas Prices: Highest $8.08 per Gallon in BC, lowest $3.29 in Kansas

Motorcycle Problems beyond maintenance and normal wear and tear: 1- Stator was replaced.

After covering 10760 miles and approximately 1989 miles of those on none paved roads/trails, traveling by ferry and walking some, I would only change a few things.


  • I would take wicking pants that the legs zip on and off rather than both cotton blue jeans and cotton shorts.
  • I would take socks that wick rather than plain cotton socks.  The winter socks worked well (fleece lined wool).
  • I would take a pair of comfortable easy on/off walking shoes.  I only had my boots. These would work so much better around the campground and to the shower.

Food and Cooking:

  • I would carry less food.  When covering so much ground, you will pass a place that sells food somewhere along the way.
  • Mechanical water filter system I would not take. ( I would get chemical, much smaller)

Items I would not take again:

  • Inverter
  • As much cash. Almost all places take Visa or Mastercard. I would still take cash, just a smaller amount.
  • Winter coat, I used my riding gear so much, I never needed a winter coat.

Items I did not use but would still take:

  • 2nd camera – pictures are very important to me
  • Winter base layer – some other riders around me used theirs
  • Jet boil stove – I used someone else’s that was already out and going rather than mine.

Items I would like to change, but the change is not necessary:

  • Lens on camera.  It would be nice to have one lens to cover the full range rather than switching back and forth.  I missed a couple of shots while trying to get the correct lens on.
  • Heated jacket or vest.  I could layer up and stay warm, but when riding the distances the temperature changes and I would have to stop and unlayer and layer.  Turning a knob off and on is a lot easier.
  • Heated glove liners or heated gloves.  The heated grips worked most of the time, but there were a couple of times my fingers got very cold in the rain/snow mixture coming down.
  • Smaller sleeping bag and smaller sleeping pad when rolled up. Ones more suited for backpacking would work nicely. This way I could get them in one dry bag rather than 2 dry bags.
  • Riding gear that have the rain gear built on the outside.  This way  I wouldn’t have to stop and put it on ride a ways and then stop and take it off.

The motorcycle:

  • Possibly different tires.  Hiendau K60 outperformed the Anakee I had on. Both traction in gravel/dirt and tire life. The Hiendau also have good traction on the road.  Down side is the noise they produce.
  • I would go back to the stock 15 tooth front sprocket.  The 16 tooth was nice in the plains, but the 15 would work better in the mountains.
  • I would still carry a spare chain and master link.  I used them on this trip.
  • I would buy a big can of chain lube that I like before leaving, I couldn’t find what I wanted along the way.

The Biggest change if it was possible would be to take my wife with me. But she would not be comfortable on the motorcycle for that long, so that is I change that would not be possible.  Maybe someday I will take the trip again in an Jeep Wrangle or something similar with my wife.


5 thoughts on “Trip Summary (kinda)

  1. Outstanding Blog, I have followed you everyday and thoroughly enjoyed your account. I have a trip planned in 2014 to basically cover the same ground, hope I am as lucky as you. I know it takes a while to settle in and think of everything, but a picture montage on YouTube would be cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for taking us along. I am planning a trip in June 2013. Did you carry a netbook or laptop? What do you think your total cost was including ferry? I am in a toss up between riding my Buell Ulysses or my Harley Ultra pulling a little trailer.

    1. I carried a netbook. The size fit well in my pannier.
      If you plan on the haul road, I wouldn’t want a trailer.
      Which bike is more comfortable for 400-500 miles day after day?
      You can pretty easily take either to the Artic Circle as long as the rode is dry. You will get rocks flying up and hitting the bike. I could hear them ping off my bash plate all the time.
      If I don’t include having to replace the stator, the total cost for the trip including ferry came in just over $2100 for 28 days.

  3. So, saw your reply to my post on stromtrooper. Lots of good suggestions, experience on what works and doesn’t. Thanks. Couple of questions:
    1: so you really think the 15tooth has more in the plus column then a 16 tooth. One of the things I have been thinking about even before your post. I currently have a 16t on . I keep thinking lower first gear on crapy road. The 16t seems a little tall. Might be easier for slow maneuver ?

    2. My stator has gone out once before, thinking about bringing another along with another rectifier. Also Chain and master link. To much stuff?

    3. Hippo hands. Or similar. ??

    1. The 16 tooth is great on the highway on the plains. But I am back to a 15 tooth now. I did not see much improvement in gas mileage and it took more feathering of the clutch on slow speed manuvers.

      I wouldn’t carry a stator with me. I expected mine to fail, but I thought I would get another 7000-10000 miles before it happened.

      The temps never got cold enough for me to want hippo hands. My heated grips on high we’re to hot and low was not hot enough. I think 3 or variable set heated grips would be better. I did have waterproof winter riding gloves and Suzuki hand protectors.

      Enjoy your trip next year.

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