A little walk for laundry and Meet-Greet in Manitou Springs

July 11, 2012

I woke up in a hotel room this morning.  I didn’t sleep as well as normal.  I don’t know if it was the bed vs the ground pad or me wanting to get home and being stuck waiting on my bike to get repaired.  The  weather is nice, sunny and cool.

A little before 9am I get a call from Josa at  Rocky Mountain Cycle.  They have looked at the bike and the problem is the Stator.  It is ordered by next day air and should arrive between 9 and 10 am tomorrow.  That means I could be on my way tomorrow afternoon again (july 12).

There is not much to do when you are stuck in a motel except watch TV.  I haven’t been doing that for the last month so I see no reason to start now. I wonder around the motel and find that they have a laundry mat.  My dirty clothes is in my panniers on my bike at the dealership.

I decide a little walk will not hurt me.  The dealership is only 4 or 5 miles away.  I take off walking. I go past Peterson air force base.  I watch different jets coming into it.  I can’t see the landing strip so I can’t watch them land.  As I continue along, I have to walk on the shoulder of the 4 lane highway to cross a stream of some kind.  It could be a irrigation channel or maybe a creek.  The rest of the time I can walk along a path or road (dirt and gravel) that is beside the interstate highway.  I get to cross a dry stream bed.  When I get thirsty there is a 7-11 just up a little ways and I stop in for water.  But I also get 2 hotdogs, a bag of chips and a small Icee for only $0.89.  It appears they are having a birthday party.  How can I refuse an 89 cent lunch.  I finally get to dealership and get my laundry, then start back.

I get a little sunburn on my legs.  I know I must be quite the site to see.  I am carrying 4 small dry bags and a pair of jeans down the side of the road.  I am wearing a tee shirt, shorts and combat boots.  This is not what you are used to seeing walking down the sidewalk.  I got a lot of honks and waves along the short trip.

In the morning I had posted on posted on advrider forum that I was stuck in Colorado Springs.  Mac responded and offered to give me a ride to a meeting of the CO Springs front ridge riders.  I accepted.  He showed up to pick me up about 5:45 pm, in his dodge pickup.  We went to Savellis Pizza place in Manitou Springs.  There were 17 riders present and most had road their bike there, but one brought the fire engine (he was still on call).  A new person brought the Vermin bike.  It is rather well known in these parts and it is very unique. It has been around since the 70s with various owners adding there touch to it.  The throttle works on both sets of handlebars.  After the meet and greet, I went back to the motel.  I had a good time and the calzones are big and taste great. I brought ½ mine back to the motel.

I have had a couple of offers from riders I don’t know that will let me stay at their place with my tent or in their camper if I have to stay another night.  I will take them up on it, if the bike doesn’t get fixed tomorrow.


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