Bike Breaks Down, Trip Home Delayed

July 10, 2012

I slept well last night.  Rupos (a 2 year old great daine) only woke me a couple of times last night when he would nudge me.  He is a rather large dog.  I went with Steve to get some tire spoons so I could change the rear tire.  I got one used for cheap.  I think I could have made it home, but if I run into rain, it would be unsafe.  So I changed the rear tire.  I looked at the Moto Guzzi and it was sweeeeet.  But a bit pricy for me since my bike is paid off.  I had lunch and said bye to Steve.  He was a great host, feeding me 2 meals, letting me sleep at his house and use his garage.

I decided that I wanted to go back home on Hwy 50, after I looked at several routes.  And it turns out I was lucky to choose that route, because it kept me in cities.  This is important, because the bike quit running.  In Colorado Springs the electrical warning came on and it quit as I was trying to get to a dealership.  I called Rocky Mountain Cycle and they brought a trailer to pick up my bike.  But it was late in the day and they were unable to diagnose it today.  It is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  If it is the stator, it will have to be ordered in and that will be another day.  The stators are known to go out on these bikes but normally not this soon. I think I may go over budget because of this problem.

The dealership took me to the closest campground, but they did not allow tents or you had to rent a RV space which they charge $69 per night for.  So then Ahren the driver took me to a motel.  I ask the price and it was $99 per night, then I explained my situation and they gave me the government discount (I am a county employee), It was only $69 per night. I am grateful to the hostess at Comfort Inn.  In this case the motel is the same price as the campground.

Something strange I thought was this is the first time I have watched TV since June 14th.  I always had to much I wanted to do or I was talking with some new found acquaintance

Sorry no new pictures.  I could have taken some of the street in Colorado Springs where the bike quit, but I was mainly on the interstate on the front range and the scenery in normal to me. Farmland, cities, populated areas, not great mountains or forest or deserts to see.


2 thoughts on “Bike Breaks Down, Trip Home Delayed

  1. I’ve been following your posts on here and have enjoyed them. I live in Colorado Springs, so if you’re still stuck here, let me know if you need anything and I’ll do what I can. Good luck!

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