I have cell coverage and I Lost my Phone

July  6, 2012

I left the hotel rather late, about 9am.

The scenery was the same at first; forests of pine and spruce in a mountainous terrain. It changed to high deserts with sage brush.  The only trees growing along the streams in the valleys.  The farmers were irrigating the grass to produce hay.  I am starting to see a lot more domestic animals, cows and horses.   Then it changed to valleys that are irrigated for fruit trees, and lot of apples, grapes and cherries before I make it to the US border.  Washington was a lot like the upper BC, at least where I was.  Forest, mountains and mosquitoes.  The roads today were very winding and fun.

I was traveling again with Steve.  We caught up with the Dennis and Mark after about 150 miles.  They were about to leave the gas station as we pulled into it.  Strange we  both chose that station since there were 3 in town.  We talked for a while and they left on their way and we on ours. We had no problem clearing customs.

I stopped for water after clearing customs, the weather was getting warmer.  It started the day at 42 F and was 92F at the border.  This is the 2nd day in a row without rain since leaving the ferry.

I stopped in a little town of Republic, WA.  I got groceries for supper, breakfast and lunch.  Made a call to Karen, and watched Steve drop his bike when it fell off the kick stand.  I helped him get it back up.  No major damage.  In the excitement I set my phone down and left it there.  We left for the next campground.  We stayed at Canyon Creek in the Colville Nation Forest.  It was only $6 for the site, but no running water.  I went to see what time it is and this is when I notice my phone missing.  The last time I used it was 3 hours ago.

We  set camp cooked supper and built a fire.  It was fun to sit around a blazing fire while listening to the stream nearby.  The  nicest thing about the night was “it is dark”, there are stars in the sky.  This may seem like a little thing, but it helping to get my internal clock back together.

Sorry no Pictures, the camera is acting up.


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