I get lost and stay in a Teepee

July 7, 2012

I saw 4 deer, 1 black bear, and a gray fox today and several eagles.  At one point, it sprinkled a little bit, but no rain.

The ride today was interesting.  No hurry, so some shortcuts were tried.  Most did not work out, but saw some interesting country and talked to several people fly fishing.  The roads we did take where twisty.  I did about 20 miles of gravel today.

I run down a valley on Hwy 200 in Montana.  It followed the river and was beautiful.  But my CF card got corrupted and I lost all the pictures for today and yesterday.  I hate CF cards, this is the second time this trip.  I think I might need a new camera body that uses SD cards.

Traffic in western Idaho was terrible.  Everyone trying to get to the lake.  The heat didn’t help, but I stopped at a roadside fruit stand.  I got some Rainer Cherries.  They are really juicy and sweet.

I am stopping at Exstroms Stage  Station Campground for the night.  I am sleeping in a Teepee.  The cost was almost the same as a tent site.  This campground has showers.  I will sleep with the sounds of the stream just a few hundred feet away. It is quite a nice campground and I would recommend it.  They even have a restaurant on site. I would recommend this campground to any family type campers.

3 days without rain, It was in the high 40s when I got up and it got to 95 F today.

My route has changed, because I have to go to Fort Collins CO to pick up my replacement phone on Monday.  It is being shipped to Steve’s house.  I called on his phone this morning and got the replacement sent.  I had to have an address I could get to and when I could get to it.

I need to adjust the chain and it is getting dark, so I am going to go do that now.


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