Gravel to a Ghost Town and finish in Yellowstone

July 8, 2012

The camera worked today, almost.  The autofocus is now not working.

It was sunny this morning when I got up at 7:30.  I said goodbye to Steve and we went our separate ways.  I found  a sign that said Garnet was only 14 miles it is a ghost town in Montana.  I decided to go see it.  It was ok, just a bunch of abandon building that someone takes care off.  However the road was a blast.  I followed it until the detour sign.  Then I went around the sign and followed it up to the ghost town.  Some of the climbs where 25% grade, and the trail was half washed out at one point, It was only 4 foot wide there.  Two of the switch backs where really sharp and I could not have made them in a jeep without back up a couple of times.  You would not want to do it in a car.  Coming down I took the other path and it was much easier.   I

I made my way back to I-90 at Drumand.  They were having a parade and rodeo.  I sat and watch the parade because the only way to the Highway was the parade route.  After the parade I was on my way again.

The motorcycle was making a strange sound.  I pulled over and ended up changing the chain.  Problem solved, no more noise.  I had several people stop to make sure I was OK, they were all hauling or riding motorcycles.  This was at a truck stop at 289 and 90.

With the motorcycle running good again, I headed for Yellowstone.  I run up a river valley most of the way.  The valley was green, but the rest was dry.  They where watering to get hay.  I entered Yellowstone park and the sights brought back fond memories and made me miss Karen even more.  We were here together some years back.  I stopped and took some pictures along the way. The camera is not auto focusing now.  I have to manually focus.

I run the side of Yellowstone that has a lot of hot places, and not to many animals.  Today I saw Elk and Mule Deer.  The young mule deer was still in velvet. I also saw a lot of squirrels today.

The weather did not rain on me, but it came close.  As I was closing the Continental Divide it was wet and the temperature dropped from 88 F to 49 F.  I almost stopped to put on the liner in my jacket.  But  the road dropped down and I warmed up again.

I pulled into Lewis Lake Campground in Yellowstone.  I met another rider from Colorado. His name is Shawn.  He is on a BMW 1200R on street tires.  He just got the bike 4 days ago and is trying it out.  He thinks he needs more aggressive tires.  We shared a camp site.  We are under a high fire conditions, so no campfire tonight.

It is getting close to bed time.  I need to put my food in a bear box and throw away the trash.  Then I will crawl into the tent for the night.

Here are all the pictures I took today.


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