Starting Home in BC

July 5,2012

I was awakened this morning by the announcement that we were 15 minutes till port docking.  I was sleeping good also.  Rather rude awakening.  So I climbed out of the sleeping back onto the cold metal deck and but my outer clothing on.  I then proceeded to bag up all my gear for travel again.  It was only about 3 minutes after I was ready till they let us down to our bikes.  We all started packing them for travel again.  We got the OK sign to leave and that we did.  Clearing customs was the same questions as the other times.

Then off into the darkness we traveled.  We had decided that there was no use trying for a hotel or campground since it would be 4am when we got there and them we would be up by 8am.  So we took off into the night.  The road was exceptionally smooth compared to ones I had been on before.  We ended up stopping several times during the day because one of us would get tired.  So we would pull over and walk around and talk or get a cup of coffee.

We made Williams Lake, BC about 4pm and we were ready to call it quits for the day. We went out to a nice supper at a local bar and grill.  I am splitting the cost of a run with 2 other guys tonight.

I plan on many travel with little, if any pictures for the next several days as I am on my way home.  Today started the trip home.  Tomorrow we will split into 2 parties and the day after that I will be traveling alone again.  As Steve will meet his wife and head for Colorado, Mark and Dennis will be on there way to California. 


One thought on “Starting Home in BC

  1. Were super happy to hear that your on your way home. Thank you so much for shareing this trip with us all! we will see you soon.

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