Happy 4th of July on the Water

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I awoke this morning around 3am.  We had just pulled into port at St Petersburg.  I think the announcement woke me up.  We were only there for a short time and on the way again.  I got up and looked around, we were going through some narrow passages.  I could see the lodges and houses well as we passed through the passage.  Of course it was light.  The fishermen where out and about.  Several small fishing boats passed the ferry which had slowed to 10mph to navigate the narrows.  After a while I went back to sleep.  I was woke again about 7am when we pulled into port Wrangle.

We are back underway.  We will dock at Ketchikan for 6 hours before heading off to Prince Rupert. The day is cloudy, but I would expect that from a rain forest. I took a shower and the water was forceful and hot.  I feel much better now.  The towels were furnished.  One of the items I would change if I did this trip again is the towel.  I would take one of the highly absorbent fast drying microfiber towels.  The weather has been so moist with rain that the regular towel doesn’t dry before you need to use it again.

I get to see the gill netters fishing with 1000 ft nets.  We pass any small fishing vessels around and several large cruise ships. I am on this for vessel till 2:30 am on Thursday.

When we pull into Ketchikan, the 4th of July parade is over, but the festive activities are still going on.  They have games for the kids to play and booths selling food to raise money for one organization or another.  I get 2 hotdogs and some fried bread with homemade jam on it.  I continue walking along and meet several people from the first boat I was on.  They are in port also but about to leave.  We say good bye again.  The building are on the side of the mountain with the street built like a dock out over the side of the mountain.  The front to some houses is 3 stories of steps before the front door.  This would keep you in shape carrying groceries.  I stop by the Indian culture building to look at Totem poles.  The walk from the boat to down town and back is only about 5 miles.  I start heading back to boat as time is growing short. And the boat will not wait on me.

I watch the float planes come and go as I wait for the boat to depart.  The scenery is never ending wonderful.  The small houses on the coast where people are just subsisting to the large resorts with private yachts.  It is so diverse and a huge contrast.  Shortly after the ferry departsI settle in to go to sleep. Even though it is only 8:30 pm, we reach Prince Rupert at 2:30 am, so it is going to be a short night.


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