Bears, Bears everywhere

July 2, 2012

I am writing a little early today since I have a hot spot now and might not later.

A wood pecker woke me this morning banging on a metal sign.  The young one was.  The older woodpecker was on a tree. As you read I woke up to bear scat in the camp site. The packs were still hanging from there pole.  After packing everything I went to the local bakery/espresso bar for WIFI and spent a couple of hours there posting pictures.

While I was there I met a couple of the guides from last night’s party that where headed out to sea kayak the fjord. They recommended I head up stream to the lake to see wildlife.  The first run of the Sockeye salmon was about over and there would probably be some bears there.

So I headed that way, I had to go get my ferry ticket anyways and it was on the way.  I first spotted a balked eagle setting on a rock in the river.  So I stop my bike at one of the turn outs and start to get off it.  I am ½ way off the boot over the seat and I look right into a grizzly bear about 15 ft away.  He was feeding in the bush along the road, but stood up to see what the noise was.  I did not get a picture of him.  I stopped getting off the bike and got back on. Started it back up and left.  He had went back to feeding before I left, I was watching the whole time.  A little to close for me.  So I didn’t get a picture of that eagle or that bear.

Further up the road I got a picture of an eagle further up the road. He was setting high in a tree above the stream watching to catch a fish.   I watch a couple of yearling bears play in the meadow down the stream.

Dangerous Fishing

I also found fishing to be a hazardous sport around here.  The bear wanted to fish where the fisherman were.  So the fisherman moved.  There are signs posted to watch for bear while fishing and move away from them.

I saw a total of 9 bears.  Some close and some farther off.

I bought some groceries, the price is about the same as home on most things.  Eggs are really high at $8.95 a dozen. I guess chickens don’t do well up here. Then back to the little espresso shop and met some more riders that will be getting on the ferry.  They are going all the way to Washington, where I get off in Canada.  There from Montana up here on a 2 week run.

I will be getting on the ferry later today for Juno and then Prince Rupert.

Link here to some more pictures ,


2 thoughts on “Bears, Bears everywhere

  1. Your eagle photo was worth the price of admission! Great shot. I’m really enjoying your travel log. Thnanks much!

  2. Chuck you are having the adventure of a lifetime. I am really enjoying following your trip. I am so glad you are sharing. Love the pictures. Stay safe.

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