Start for Homer, Smoked Salmon is Good

June 28, 2012

Well it rained most of the night and it still is this morning.  I wait for the Harley Dealership to open, I need some chain oil. I figure I will buy from they since they let me pitch my tent.  They have no chain oil.  But do give me directions to the Suzuki dealer.  They also have no chain oil, but I buy some grease from them.  I find chain oil at the Yamaha dealer. I get back, fix breakfast and pull the rear tire to grease the axle.  I visit with a couple who are from Germany.  They are doing an Alaska to Argentina trip on BMW F650.

Time has got away from me.  I start for Homer.  This is the most westerly point you can get by continuous road. , I took too long getting ready this morning and don’t make it to Homer. But along the way I see some sheep on the rock cliffs overlooking  the gulf of Alaska.  The mountains have snow on them and they form streams and waterfalls as the snow melts.  There is a lot of traffic compared to the last week.  For a distance the road runs at the foot of the mountains and on the shore of the Gulf.  I am going down the Kienene Peninsula (spelling could be nowhere close).

I turn and go toward Whittier, but decide not to visit the town.  You have to go thru a 2 mile long tunnel to get into it by road.  And they charge to  go thru the tunnel, the price varies based on the size of your vehicle.  I don’t see paying since I have no reason to go there that I know of.  3 ways to get to Whittier, 1 by land; pay to go through tunnel, 2 by air; pay to get a flights, and 3, by boat; pay for the ferry ride.

As I turn back, I go to see the Portage Glacier.  I wonder why the ice in glaciers is blue?  They look whole bunch better from a distance.  Up close they are covered in dirt.  Something I have been noticing is a lot of water bodies and streams up here are very blue to turquoise in color.  It almost looks unreal.  I have tried to take pictures of it, but the cameral autocorrects the color and the pictures don’t turn out.

Now to Seward.  Once again the scenery is fabulous. I make it into Seward and stop at the boat dock.  Many smaller fishing vessels. Someone brings in a 70 lb fish while I am there. I stand at the waters edge and talk with a couple of guys on Harleys, it is a father and son up fro m Louisiana.  It talk with a couple of older local gentleman about my bike, and how they used to ride allover and the bikes they had.  I tell them I want to try some local seafood and not a tourist place.  They recommend a fish processing place that also smokes fish for the local retail shops.  So I find the place and get me 1 ½ lb of smoked salmon and ½ lb of salmon jerky, all for the price of $10.  I will be eating on salmon for the next couple of days.

I catch a look at the time; I had better head back to Anchorage where I left my tent set up and get some sleep.  This 24 hour daylight still is strange.  It is midnight as I go to bed and I have been up since 5am. I got lost (again) trying to find the Harley dealership.  When I arrive, there is a new tent and bike.  Oh well I will meet them in the morning.  After I shower, I fight off the mosquitoes as I crawl into the tent and zip the door closed.  Then I do the nightly ritual of killing all the mosquitoes that are in the tent with me before I go to sleep.

The weather today was mostly nice.  It got up to 72 F, but got down in to 47 F on the ride back to the campsite. There was only one shower for about ½ hour in the afternoon. This was early in the ride.  Partly cloudy, you couldn’t see the tops of most mountains.

More photos from today at this link.


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