More Moose and Denali in the clouds

June 27, 2012

Well I found a place to stay last night.  Billie’s Backpacker Hostel.  It was recommended by a couple at a little Ice cream stand on College Street.  It was not very far away.  Talked to several different people there.  One was the manager of Silver Creek Restaurant in Fox , they also have a micro brewery.  At about 10pm he brought out some beer called Growler.  Then a few of us went for a hike into the woods behind to place where a flood in 1964 deposited a lot of cars.  They are not in good shape and have had parts removed, but it was still very interesting.  He then decided to cook snitzels along with green beans and mashed potatoes.  So at 2am I had a good meal.

After the meal I turned in for the night.  A cab driver woke me up at 6am, but I managed to go back to sleep till 7.  I then packed up, but not on the bike.  Jeff wanted a ride to a hiking trail (Upper Dome) at Chena Hot Springs, so I gave him and his gear a 50 mile ride to the trail head.  I visited the hot springs. On the road to and from I saw 18 moose, but still no bull.  I also saw a strange to me sign. It was a dog crossing sign, put up by the highway department, this is not someones joke. I ran back to pick up my gear and tell Billie I was leaving.  I said bye to 4 of the people I had met the evening before.

I am now off to Anchorage by the way of the Parks highway.  It is heavily overcast and rains about ½ the time.  Riding from one shower to the next.  But the scenery is great between the showers.  It is somewhat cold, the thermometer on the bike is reading 11.4 to 12.7 C (I wish I had got one that had F and not C).  I was unable to see Mt McKenzie. There was a fire somewhere, they had water pick up tanks at the rest area and signs up warning of fire in the area.  I could smell the smoke a few times, but never saw it.

I did see a porcupine.  They are a lot bigger than I thought.  But by the time I get the bike stopped, it is gone in the bush.

Tonight I am staying at the Harley Davidson Dealership in Fairbanks. They offer free tent space to any motorcycle rider.  This includes a free shower and the bikes are locked inside their fenced back lot.  It is raining lightly as I set the tent.  It took me along time to find it; I don’t have a gps and my Phone would not connect to data while roaming. I ask at least a dozen people who did not know.

Here is a link to all the pictures for this day.


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