Changed a tire then a short ride in the rain.

June 30, 2012

I spent most of the day in the entrance city of Tok.  All roads from Canada run through Tok. Today was rainy.  It rained all night.  I liked it on the tin roof of the bunk house I slept in.  I talked with the owner of the campground for a while and ask her where I could get a tire changed.  I didn’t want to change it in the rain and even though they have tools they didn’t have a garage. She recommended CJ.  I called him and he was busy in the morning.  I tried to use the WIFI in town and it worked for email and browsing, but I couldn’t get any pictures loaded.  So I was unable to update.

I went to the restaurant and called CJ.  I bought his meal and followed him out to his house.  I put the bike in his garage and he helped me change the tire.  Of course it didn’t rain while I was there.  I looked at his dogs, he races dog sleds in the winter.  He is a teacher during the school year and a general do it all person the rest of the time.  He didn’t want to any money for use of his place.

I headed to a different WIFI place in town and still had the same problem with it being to slow to even view images on the net.  I stopped by the gas station to ask them about a charge on my card that looked strange and got it straightened out.  I talked with 5 different riders while there.  One was from Arkansas, it was almost like meeting someone from home.  2 were from Alaska,  It stopped raining and looked like the sky was going to clear up, So I started for Beaver Creek in Canada.  The rain stoppage lasted for about 20 miles and it started again.  It pretty much rained all day.

As I stopped to put on my rain gear, One of the riders, John, caught up with me.  We then traveled together to Beaver Creek where we both planned to camp.  Since it was still raining and was colder, we decided to split a hotel room.  He is removes asbestos for a living and hasn’t been out of Alaska in 4 years.  He is now on a 30 day trip to the lower 48 states.

I have MREs for supper.  It is good, but would be easier to eat with a plate.

It is still raining  as I write this tonight.  Hope it lets up some tomorrow.  Because it has been a hard rain.  The locals around Tok stated it was unusual since they only get an average of 13 inches of precipitation a year.  And they got a couple of inches today.


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