Anchorage to Tok by the way of Valdez

June 29, 2012

As I write this, I am sitting in a little bunk house in Tok, eating smoked salmon and carrots. This campground (  is a motorcycle friendly place, it even has a work shop with tools in case you need them.  It was starting to rain last night when I arrived here around midnight and it is still raining at 9am. It is only $10 for a bunk in the bunk house, so I didn’t set my tent.  I have been paying more than that for a tent site.  It was so nice to just carry the gear in and toss it down, unroll the sleeping bag and be ready for bed.  I will have to find the showers later.  They have a wood fired sauna I might try out.

More Rain; at Glenndale

I left Anchorage, if you look and the tracking, you can probably figure out I got lost getting out of town also.  I headed for Valdez.  There were several glaciers along the way.  The pass though the mountains was wonderfully beautiful and abet cold, like 33 F cold.  There were waterfalls everywhere from the melting snow.  The sun was shining bright with some clouds in the sky.  And of course a rain shower along the way.  The Glenn Hwy is fun, many twisting curves along with up and down the mountains sides.  The RVs were having trouble, but it was fun on a bike.  Of course there were the straight stretches also, but then you got a chance to look around at the scenery.  The wide streams running full from the snow melt on the steep tall mountains.

I arrive at Valdez, it is a fishing town.  Also the port that the oil for the north shore comes to.  It was very busy with the 4th of July coming up.  Many Alaskans have come here to spend the 4th .  I did not stay long here.  I was unable to locate a WIFI hotspot except for one campground and then I could only use if I was a camper there.  Since I was not planning on camping overnight I did not get to use it.

So I leave Valdez and head for Tok.  There are RVs and campers all over the place, some I meet on the highway and some setting in the turnouts.  Again this is the weekend before the 4th of July so everyone is headed to their favorite spot.  The roads are ok, with only some breaks and gravel.  I don’t see many animals except for the Arctic Goose.  I notice a rainbow while I am getting gas.  This would be a good time to put the rain gear back on, since I will be headed toward it. The rain comes down feverishly for 10 minutes then a nice gentle shower off and on for the next 30 miles.

As I travel the sun drops behind the mountains and the tempature drops (it is not close to dark).  It gets down around 38 F for a long time.  Along with the rain showers, I am starting to get cold. I think about getting my winter gear out and put it on.  About the time I decide to, the road goes up high and the sun is no longer behind the mountain.

I reach Tok about midnight and gas up before heading to the campground where I can fall into bed.  Tomorrow I have to get a tire changed.

More Pictures Here.


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