Heading South to Fairbanks Alaska

June 25, 2012

It rained all night, but I stayed dry.  As I wake, I can see the mosquitoes through the netting on the tent.  So I put full riding gear on before getting out of the tent.  The temperature is a warm 52 F.  Of course it is light.  I meet with the other riders for breakfast.  It cost $12.95 for buffet or off the menu.  After eating breakfast, I pack up a few fresh vegetables and fruit for lunch from the buffet, they do this for the workers.  It still looks like it is going to rain more.

We are off for Fairbanks with a stop at Hilltop for gas.  It is 247 miles to the next gas station.  The road is much smoother on this section of the haul road.  We have about 90 miles of pavement. We average 56mph.  The curves and mountains are fun and beautiful. We stop a couple of times along the way.  The first time for a outhouse stop. The second time for a lunch break and the 3rd time is Hilltop for gas.  All but Karen, her GS1200R runs out of gas going up the hill to the station short just a few hundred yards, and she has to put a little in to get to the station.

At Hilltop we part company.  We talk about going to dinner together and then decide we are all too tired to be good company.  We exchange good-byes.  I head to Adventure Cycle shop to get the Calcium Nitrate washed off.  That stuff will eat brake pads and aluminum up.  Dan power washes it for me, gives me some advice on how to clean it better, and gives me a takeoff tire so I can make it home without having to buy and new rear tire.  So now I am carrying a tire on the back of the bike with me.

I go to the motel that I am splitting with Steve.  I order Chinese and have it delivered.  So the planes, and jets of all shape and sizes are going over while I eat and try to journal.  I am just to exhausted mentally to journal.  I dry out the camping gear, then fold it up and go to bed.

Steve and I will say good-bye and part ways tomorrow morning.  I am headed south.  The temperature is warm enough that I don’t need to sleep under a blanket tonight.

Well a little bit of bad news. The CF card in my camera got corrupt so I lost the last 43 pictures I took.

But  here is a link to all the pictures I took on the haul road over the last 3 days.


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