Finally in Alaska and it is 80 degrees

June 22, 2012

I made it to Alaska today.  In fact this morning.  Guess what? NO RAIN today.  It was a short day as far as riding goes, only 350 miles today.  Over 3400 miles total.  We got some bad gas in Delta Juntion.  Steve’s bike quit running at the Golden North Motel in Fairbanks. As luck would have it the Harley dealer was just across the street.  They knew the problem and fixed it at no charge.  They were not even open, they had closed 5 minutes before.  I went and got my oil changed at Adventure Cycle in Fairbanks. They run there shop out of their house garage and do a good business.  They had 7 customers from around the world come in for something while I was there.  . When I got back, I drained the tank and put in fresh gas, along with a cleaning additive. Oh yeah, I am in Fairbanks Alaska and it is over 80 F here.  The locals think of it as a heat wave.  No one has air conditioners.

We got a late start this morning, it was around 9am.  I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant. They had a buffet for the tour bus guests.  I got there about the time it was leaving and only had oatmeal with fresh raspberries.  I help the staff by cleaning the table before I set down.  Then talked with them since I was the only one there.  I ended up get the breakfast for what they charge the staff, so it was only $2.95 and that included the coffee.

I watched some squirrels this morning after breakfast.  At first I thought it was a baby since it was only about 5 inches long including the tail.  But after watching for a while and seeing many more of them around that size, I think it was full sized.

I took time to stop and smell the roses today. Even took a picture of them.  Also took a picture of a damsel fly (they eat mosquitoes).  This was by a large lake that was glass still.  It had trumpeter swans on it, but they were too far away for a decent picture.

The speed limit in Alaska is 55mph.  We have been warned several times to watch for moose.

Made reservations for Sunday to go to the Arctic Ocean, you have to do it 24 hours ahead of time, so they can do a background check on you.  You cross the North Shore oil fields. Tomorrow we start up the Dalton Hwy or Haul Road as it is called here.  Some 500 miles of mixed payment, rock and mud we will be at Prudhoe Bay, Deadhorse Alaska. There is only a low chance of rain along the route for the next 3 days.  It is good to go.

My days/nights/time is all screwed up.  The sun sets, but it doesn’t get dark.  So when does you day stop and the night begin?  I am now 3 hours difference from my home, that is one hour past pacific time.


2 thoughts on “Finally in Alaska and it is 80 degrees

  1. 80 F there? Your missing out on the 101 F were having back here at home! I hope the Haul road is a blast I look for you on Iceroad truckers next season!

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