A little shower on the longest day of the year.

June 21, 2012

Today was another wonderful day.  The scenery was fabulous again. It was dry most of the day  I got an early start, but stopped at the café in Watsons Lake.  Had a 3 egg ham and cheese omelet with coffee of just under $10. A real reasonable price for up here and it was good.

At breakfast I talked with Chip and Linn from Chicago, who were riding the Alaska highway put doing less than 300 miles a day. Meet up with them later at Tesslin.  Also met up with Steve again, he is from Colorado.  We partnered up to ride together since we are both headed to Deadhorse.  He rides a VStrom also, but the 1000.

I saw more mountains, trees and wilderness, and now at a higher altitude, there is snow still here.

Came across a couple of grizzly bears.  Actually saw 3 grizzlies and 1 black bear today.  Not many other animals.

That ain’t wet asphalt. That is mud where they are making repairs.

We were following a rain storm so the road was wet and muddy where they were repairing it.  Decided to push on to camp, but found it closed and had to go even further.  This put me in the rain storm for about 150 kilometers.

That ain’t wet asphalt. That is mud where they are making repairs.

We end up stopping at Beaver Creek and staying at a motel. I am splitting the cost of a room with Steve.  The warm shower felt good after driving in the cold mountain rain storm for so long.

This is the summer Solaris, the longest day of the year.  I know the sun was up at 3:30am and it is still up at 1:15am.  I am not sure how long the day is.


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