A Wonderful Ride, but No Place to Camp (at first)

June 20, 2012

Today started dry.  It was a wonderful change.  It got up to 20.4 C today.  Only a few short showers all day long.

I hit the mountains today.  The scenery is great.  Today was worth all the seat time.  It was like a mix of Tetons and Yellowstone without the traffic.  There were animals that are not tame like the ones around Yellowstone.  If you stop to look, they disappear into the forest.  I saw 5 moose, 9 bears, 10 bison, 3 herds of mountain sheep, and one caribou. I was unable to get a picture of the caribou.

Went to some turns off and saw a big waterfall.

It is incredibly beautiful.  Hard to put it in words.

I am camping at Watson Lake. I had a walk through the sign forest.  It is interesting.  Look it up on the web.

I couldn’t find a campground that would take a tenter, only RVs, so I talked with a local (Garman-Wilson) who offered his back yard for tent space. He told me the tent campground in town was run by the government and flooded earlier so they will not be using it this year.  So I camping in his yard.  Just prior to meeting Garman-Wilson, I met 3 guys from Iowa and now they are camping there also.  Garman-Wilson game me a flag of the Yukon Territory and would not accept payment for staying at his place.  He opened up the house for use of the bathroom and shower if we wanted.  And of course a hot shower is nice after a long days ride.  Interest fact: the whole Yukon has less than 50,000 people in it.  But has 150,000 moose.

I had MREs for supper, it was pretty good.  I ate that because the local restaurant and store both closed at 8pm and it was about 9pm by the time I got camp set.  So I had to eat what I brought.

I stayed up late into the night enjoying the comradely.  At midnight the sun was still up. You can easily loss track of time here with so much daylight.

Hopefully this link will work it is to all the pictures today.


7 thoughts on “A Wonderful Ride, but No Place to Camp (at first)

  1. Keep up the blog, I’m addicted. Can’t imagine 9 bears in one day. Makes camping an interesting proposition. Be safe and have fun.

  2. I so wish I was there. Could I convince teh girls to take a long road trip??? 🙂 Have fun & be safe

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