On the Alaska-Canadian Hwy

June 19, 2012

Today was a slow start. I waited for the heavy rain to stop. The campground owner invited me into their house to watch the weather on TV. We set around and talked about politics and the youth of today. Of how the oil pipe line is changing everything. They are saying it will be another 17 years of work in that area. Once the majority of the rain had gone through, I took off. I didn’t have as much rain today. Just the occasional storm and shower.

The scenery is changing.  I am getting into taller hills and lots of trees.  Evergreens and Birch.  I saw my first bear, elk, and moose.  They were all dead in the ditch.  They had been hit by something bigger than a car I figure, because there was no car around.  The semi tractors have heavy duty grill guards on them.   I also saw some live elk at a couple of different ranches.  The fencing is tall.

I loved the smell.  It lightly smells like pine-sol.  It is so refreshing.

I stopped in Dawson Creek,  The beginning of the Alaska highway.   There is a good information place there.  I picked up maps for British Columbia and Yukon Territory.  I met a couple that is traveling around the world.  They are from Czech Republic.  They started  with an expedition to Mongolia.  But continued on.  They think it will take about 3 ½ years.  You can see where they have traveled by the map on the hood of their car.  They are now headed for South America.  He has to stop every 3 months to go back to Czech to work for 1 month.

I stopped for supper tonight at the Shepherds Inn at Mile Marker 72.  I have Potato Cheese Soup and ½ a loaf of homemade bread.  It tasted great, just wish it was less than $12. Everything is a little higher up here and with the gas boom in the area, they can charge whatever they want. 

The Natural gas boom has made open campsites show up for the workers.  They are a lot like a tent town.  Only they are portable trailers that have 3 to 5 doors like a motel would have.  Portable shower houses, and portable kitchens.  All the campsites are taken for 100s of miles around.  If I was in an RV I would have a place to stay, but since I am in a small tent, The campground found me a spot that is not really a camp spot.  But it is level and not to muddy.  The moss forest floor is so soft, it is like have a pillow top mattress under you tent.  However, the mosquitoes are getting much worse.  They are starting to bother me even if someone else is around.  This camping spot is $16 for the night and showers are $1 for every 4 minutes.  The water has to be hauled in and they have a 85KW generator powering the campground.  It is not raining right now, but has been for about a week I am told.  They don’t really have gravel so the roads at the campground are a mess.  It is very muddy, but the gas working are wearing muck boots so it seems normal.

It got up to 17 C at one point today, it is suppose to get down to 8 C tonight.

Well I am ready to turn in.  The sun is still out, but I am tired.  It is 10pm here and midnight at home.


8 thoughts on “On the Alaska-Canadian Hwy

  1. All this rail does not sound fun on a motorcycle to me. I hope it clears up the rest of the way expecially as you get even further north. And take more pictures!

  2. Good stuff, living life one mile at a time. When you get all done and back please lay out a map of the route you took as i am doing this next summer and it would be very helpful

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