The Trip Begins

June 15, 2012

Well the trip started today.

I made if from Freeman MO to Lake Poinsett State Rec Area out side Arlington SD.  I stayed on I-29 most of the way.  The rode is good, but the scenery is flat farm land. It was heavy clouds most of the way.  I had rain for Cedar Rapids to Souix City IA.  After Souix Falls SD the clouds broke and it was sunny.  I traveled  513 miles today.

I got gas 4 times, I didn’t start with a full tank.  And I did let it get below 2 bars, since I didn’t know where the next gas station is.

I stopped to look at a wind farm on the hills overlooking the Missouri river valley.  Those things are big.  I saw several windmill props being moved down the highway.  One is longer than 2 semis with trailers.

WindMiill Farm

The most unusual thing I saw was a dead peacock.  I am used to seeing dead deer or raccoon or squirrel or many wild animals that have been hit by a car.  But I don’t ever remember seeing a peacock on the highway before.

I found a nice state park campground.  Cost $14 with day permit.  It has showers, although they are a ways from my tent site.  It is right on the lake.  People are out night fishing right now.  It is very family oriented or at least that is who is here tonight.  I am setting looking out over the lake, watching the lights of the fishing boats move over the water. 

Of course, I did forget something.  I forgot my toiletry kit; the toothbrush, soap, razor, toothpaste, etc.  I guess I will have to stop tomorrow and pick them up.


8 thoughts on “The Trip Begins

  1. Hello ckheldstab,

    I am very interested in following your trip as I and a friend will be riding from Sacramento to Prudoe bay next July, 2013. I am picking up a new v-strom DL1000 today, which will be my Alaska trip bike next year. I will be 49 when we go up and like yourself this is a bucket list trip that we have been talking about for several years.

    God speed and have a safe ride.


  2. Kind of a strange question but do you think the Peacock was wild or a deceased domesticated bird. I always though Peacocks were like from Africa or something. Have a great trip and don’t worry you don’t need a toothbrush anyway.

  3. Get the toothbrush…….and the shaver too.I find I sometimes let myself go in the grooming and wellbeing department sometimes(how often do we look at ourselves in a mirror? We’re guys).The reason to do it is it makes you feel better.I’m looking forward to more reports.

  4. II think is was Cedar Rapids, that is IA across the river from Omaha, and it was raining from light to heavy through the city where I would turn easterly toward your place. Did I get the wrong town?

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