Watch for Sand in the Curve

Sat – Sun June 2-3

I wish I could sleep in.  It is habit to get up.  So right at 5am my internal alarm clock went off.  So I got up, added wood to the fire, watched the sun come up over the horizon with the horses in the field below it.  It was kinda pinkish sun rise this morning.  walked around camp.  I then could go back to sleep.  The next time I woke up, there was something messing with the tent.  I get out and find the owners puppy using the tent for a slide.  He runs up as far as it can and slides down the side of tent.  It is a black Labrador puppy, and not very old.  Neils is up now, so we kinda plan the day.

The breakfast bell is rung at about 7:30.  I get biscuits and sausage gravy with tator-tots.  We talk to some guys we know that have come down to off-road.  Then pack up camp and we are off.  We head out to see Peel Ferry.  We were told it is not far.  Ends up being about 90 miles and in another state.

Well we took off for the ferry on Bull Shoals, the air was in the upper 60s and a clear sky.  What a beautiful day for a ride.  We travelled around, almost got lost, stopped to talk with some locals.  Neil was offered 12 horses to add to his 2.  They are in a draught down there and hay is expensive.  He decided not to take them up on the offer.  We continued on the hills, the curves the trees, looking down from the hill-tops to the valleys was absolutely beautiful.

I got a little surprise. Coming around a curve, I caught some gravel on a corner.  Well I didn’t do so well.  I was on the outside line of the curve.  Soon as I lost all the contact with the asphalt, and was in the grassy shoulder, I dropped the bike.  It was a lowside.  I went rolling down the road with the asphalt shredding my jacket and the bike went sliding down the ditch.  I was surprised at how little damage the bike sustained.  The worst of the damage was the bracket that held the luggage on.  It allowed the bag to hit the swing arm.  Neil found a large stick to wedge the luggage box away from the rack and I bungee corded it in place.  We started up the bike and off we went to ride on the ferry.

We didn’t have to wait on the ferry long.  It was departing when we got there, about 30 minutes later we were loading for the ride across the lake.

Peel Ferry

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