Getting everything Ready

Thur – Fri, Jun 7-8

Well I got a new jacket and face shield on order after I damaged these in the wreck.  My new Jacket is Tourmaster Air Intake 3.  I didn’t have any time to research, but several riders I talked with liked theirs.  Hope this works out.

I got my bike back together.  I used a 3 lb hammer, 3 foot pry bar, and a couple of wood 2by4 scraps to fix the brackets that hold my Jesse Luggage on.  I contacted Jesse and they could sell me a new bracket inexpensively, but didn’t have any in stock.  And I could not wait for their next run of them.  I have the old style, not what they are currently using.  So I had to make do with reshaping the piece myself.  I got the mirror back in position and fastened the hand guard back on with a zip tie.  It is sometimes amazing what you can accomplish with simple tools.  Really not much damage.

In preparing the bike, I replaced the tires with Anekee 2.  Changed the oil, replaced the chain, checked the sprockets, brakes, and all the bolts.  I used Ride-On in the tires for both balancing and sealing.  It took me about 4 hours to change both tires, I don’t have machines for this so I used a C-clamp and tire spoons.  The new tires feel so much nicer than the old wore out ones did.

I have laid out all the equipment, clothes, documents, and supplies I am taking on the dining room table.  I keep checking it; thinking I am forgetting something.  On the pre-trip run I forgot a fork and a towel.  I am amazed at how small amount of space is needed when you go toward minimalism and not take everything like some past trips in campers with the family.

I finalized my proposed route.  Of course this route can change at any time.  It will be dictated by weather, road conditions, time required at someplace, money, and my whim.  I might decide to stay somewhere for a while or I might not.  The only time line I have to follow is the trip has to be over so I can go back to work on July 16th.


One thought on “Getting everything Ready

  1. Safe trip and I wish you a great ride.
    I’m leaving June 20 for an approximate 8 week trip out west. There are a few details in my wordpress blog.

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