Dry Run / Pre Trip Test Run

Friday  June 1

Neil decided to go with me on my Pre Trip Test Run.  He loaded a little lighter than me.  I gathered all the items that I plan on taking and loaded them.  It was to be a true test run.  I packed everything for a 30 day trip, even if I was only going to be gone for part of 3 days.  See the list of items on the page labeled Equipment

I finished installing the Sonic Springs Friday morning.  It is unbelievable how much better the front is on the Wee.  I think about changing the tires and decide I don’t have enough time to do it before I leave. Besides the rear tire is good for at least 1500 miles (the front for 3000 miles) and I am only looking at maybe 700 miles.

I pack everything.  I then unpack and repack to get everything in a nice neat compact order and still very accessible.  I take into account when i might need it.  I end up packing it all about 3 times and parts of it 5 times.  I am happy with the order now and everything is in a dry area that needs to be.  I am not foolish enough to think that there will be no rain or possibly snow on this month long trip.

Neil arrives about 3pm on Friday.  He had to take care of the farm before he could leave.  This is going to be a long ride for him, having not ridden even 200 miles in a trip.  And having not ridden the motorcycle in a long time.  We take off.  About 1 1/2 hours later we stop to grab a bite to eat.  Neither of us has had lunch and it is almost dinner time.  Our next stop is Oseola Cheese.  If you are ever on hwy 13 and go by it, you have to stop.  They have 100s and 100s of different kinds of cheese.  They offer samples, and I always end up buying something I haven’t had before, because I try a sample of it.  Next stop is for gas.  It was short in and out.

We continue on to our final destination for the day.   It is a good thing I over packed.  The tempature has dropped into the 40s.  Neil packed for the 90s.  I give him some of my winter gear.  I put on some warmer clothing I am carrying also.  SMORR (South Missouri Off Road Ranch).  I have been here many times in my jeep, but this time it is only to camp there.  It is quite the place.  The shower facility has both heat and AC.  We like the heat tonight.  When we arrive we are greeted by the owner, who is curious how we found the place, since motorcycles are not the norm here.  It is not near major town or attraction unless you like off-roading.  He tells us where we can set camp and that they serve breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30.  We each set up our camp in the dark.  then build a small fire to sit around.  Finally sleepy we go to our individual tents for the night.

You can see our route at the Maps page It is the 2nd link on June 1.


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